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Irony in Film
Irony in Film is the first book about ironic expression in this medium. We often feel the need to call films or aspects of them ironic; but what exactly does this mean? How do films create irony?Expand
Happy Endings in Hollywood Cinema: Cliché, Convention and the Final Couple
This is a critical study of the happy ending in classical and contemporary Hollywood cinema. The Hollywood happy ending has long been considered among the most famous and standardised features in theExpand
Happy endings and unrealism
Wes Anderson, tone and the quirky sensibility
This paper situates Wes Anderson within the ‘quirky’ sensibility of recent American indie cinema, a category encompassing a range of films and filmmakers that emerged in Indiewood during the 1990sExpand
Conclusion Provisions for the future
Britton on Film: The Complete Film Criticism of Andrew Britton
Although Andrew Britton studied under Robin Wood at the University of Warwick in the 1970s, Wood would repeatedly speak of their roles of teacher and pupil having become reversed. In the introductionExpand
Surface Meaning: Surfaces, Depths and the Interpretation of Film
Panel abstract: Conventionally, to remain on the surface of something is to remain outside of it. To look at the 'surface level' is frequently to risk accusations of being blind to, or ignoring, theExpand