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On the Euler-Mascheroni constant
A formula for the classical Euler-Mascheroni constant not containing the logarithm is presented. The corresponding asymptotic expansion is proposed. New series rapidly converging to the constant areExpand
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The Euler–Mascheroni constant in school
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Classification of cubic equations
Rather unexpectably all real equations of the fourth degree are solvable by real means. So we canclassify all real equations of the third and fourth degree. In this article we classify real cubics.Expand
The radish variety Zara.
Review of the Kangaroo competition
Madhava’s formulae
On Euler’s hypothetical proof
It is conjectured that Euler possessed an elementary proof of Fermat’s theorem for n = 3. In this note, we show that this opinion is rather credible, because, from Euler’s results, one can obtain anExpand
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