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Allelopathic interactions among algae
Five species of green algae isolated from the Cleveland County, Oklahoma, area and a commercially obtained yellow-green alga were tested for allelopathic interactions, findingCosmarium vexatum West filtrate was inhibitory to the five other species, a characteristic probably important in its role of producing waterblooms in ponds and swamps.
The rapid development of the glucose transport system in the excysted metacestode of Hymenolepis diminuta.
'activation' of the excysted scolex seemed to involve a specific, Ca(2+)-dependent increase in number of glucose transporters functioning in the worm surface, which indicated that development in the final host does not involve a major change in lipid composition of the parasite's membranes.
Tidepools in Southern Rhode Island, U.S.A. I. Distribution and Seasonality of Macroalgae
Seasonality and distribution of macroalgae in eight Rhode Island tidepools were studied over a three-year period at 39 dates. Of the 35 taxa observed in the pools, 19 were found year-round, 11 of
Tidepools in Southern Rhode Island, U.S.A. II. Species Diversity and Similarity Analysis of Macroalgal Communities
There is, despite seasonal fluctuations, a repeating sequence of tidepool macroalgal communities over time, as indicated by seven years of study in tidepools in southern Rhode Island, USA, there is.