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Developmental Constraints and Evolution: A Perspective from the Mountain Lake Conference on Development and Evolution
Developmental constraints (defined as biases on the production of variant phenotypes or limitations on phenotypic variability caused by the structure, character, composition, or dynamics of theExpand
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The Evolution of Alarm Calls
  • J. M. Smith
  • Biology
  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 January 1965
The selective forces which can maintain traits such as alarm calls which are individually disadvantageous but socially advantageous are considered. The particular case in which flocks consist of setsExpand
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Models of a dual inheritance system.
In higher plants, animals and fungi, there are two inheritance systems: the familiar system, depending on DNA sequence, used in transmitting information between sexual generations, and an epigeneticExpand
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Sexual selection and the handicap principle.
  • J. M. Smith
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of theoretical biology
  • 1 March 1976
The theory that sexual selection may cause females to select males with a handicap is analysed by means of a simple model. It is concluded that the proposed mechanism does not produce the resultsExpand
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Determination of d‐2‐halopropionate dehalogenase activity from Pseudomonas putida strain AJ1/23 by ion chromatography
Abstract A new assay for dehalogenase enzymes has been developed, based on the determination of halide ion concentration in assay samples by ion chromatography. The ion chromatograph is sensitiveExpand
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Did Darwin get it Right
These quotations come from a recent paper in Paleobiology by Stephen Jay Gould. What is the new theory? Is it indeed likely to replace the currently orthodox ‘neo-Darwinian’ view? Proponents of theExpand
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Gehirn und Wahrnehmung
Der beste Weg, ein mathematisches Theorem zu uberprufen, ist oftmals, an beiden Enden zu beginnen und sich in der Mitte zu treffen. Beginnt man mit den Axiomen, weist man verschiedene Behauptungen,Expand
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Ayn Jalut: Mamluk Success or Mongol Failure?
La bataille d'Ayn Jalut, le 3 septembre 1260: les Mamluks d'Egypte battent les envahisseurs mongols. L'A. montre que c'est la superiorite en armes et en entrainement, des Mamluks, soldatsExpand
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Monosynaptic corticospinal-motoneuron path in the raccoon.
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