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Quantifying Landscape Ruggedness for Animal Habitat Analysis: A Case Study Using Bighorn Sheep in the Mojave Desert
Abstract Terrain ruggedness is often an important variable in wildlife habitat models. Most methods used to quantify ruggedness are indices derived from measures of slope and, as a result, are
Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) Survival at Two Eastern Mojave Desert Sites: Death by Short-Term Drought?
Survival of adult Desert Tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) appears related to site-specific variation in precipitation and productivity of annual plants, which may be an important factor determining tortoise population densities.
Interactions of decapentaplegic, wingless, and Distal-less in the Drosophila leg
In the double mutant decapentaplegic wingless the most ventral and dorsal tarsal structures are missing, consistent with the notion that both gene products function as morphogens.
Recreational disturbance of a desert stream fish community : detecting ecological effects of environmental impact
Recreational Disturbance of a Desert Stream Fish Community: Detecting Ecological Effects of Environmental Impact by Johnny Mark Sappington Dr. James £. Deacon, Examination Committee Chair Professor
Computer Mapping of Silurian Pinnacle Reefs in Northern Michigan: ABSTRACT
Current availability of high-quality well completion records accessed via computer data bases in Michigan has allowed further exploitation of the northern Michigan reef trend. Integration of these