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Genome sequencing in microfabricated high-density picolitre reactors
The proliferation of large-scale DNA-sequencing projects in recent years has driven a search for alternative methods to reduce time and cost. Here we describe a scalable, highly parallel sequencingExpand
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A comprehensive analysis of protein–protein interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Two large-scale yeast two-hybrid screens were undertaken to identify protein–protein interactions between full-length open reading frames predicted from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome sequence.Expand
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The complete genome of an individual by massively parallel DNA sequencing
The association of genetic variation with disease and drug response, and improvements in nucleic acid technologies, have given great optimism for the impact of ‘genomic medicine’. However, theExpand
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An integrated semiconductor device enabling non-optical genome sequencing
The seminal importance of DNA sequencing to the life sciences, biotechnology and medicine has driven the search for more scalable and lower-cost solutions. Here we describe a DNA sequencingExpand
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Assessment of whole genome amplification-induced bias through high-throughput, massively parallel whole genome sequencing
BackgroundWhole genome amplification is an increasingly common technique through which minute amounts of DNA can be multiplied to generate quantities suitable for genetic testing and analysis.Expand
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Droplet microfluidic technology for single-cell high-throughput screening
We present a droplet-based microfluidic technology that enables high-throughput screening of single mammalian cells. This integrated platform allows for the encapsulation of single cells and reagentsExpand
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Patterns of nucleotide misincorporations during enzymatic amplification and direct large-scale sequencing of ancient DNA
Whereas evolutionary inferences derived from present-day DNA sequences are by necessity indirect, ancient DNA sequences provide a direct view of past genetic variants. However, base lesions thatExpand
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Corrigendum: Genome sequencing in microfabricated high-density picolitre reactors
This corrects the article DOI: 10.1038/nature03959
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DNA transport by a micromachined Brownian ratchet device.
We have micromachined a silicon-chip device that transports DNA with a Brownian ratchet that rectifies the Brownian motion of microscopic particles. Transport properties for a DNA 50-mer agree withExpand
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A Brownian-ratchet DNA pump with applications to single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping
Abstract.We have fabricated a micron-scale device capable of transporting DNA oligomers using Brownian ratchets. The ratchet potential is generated by applying a voltage difference to interdigitatedExpand
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