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Local economic development in Africa: Global context and research directions
This paper locates local economic development research and practice in Africa in a global context. It provides an overview of the international development of local economic development (LED), of itsExpand
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Reconfiguring South Africa’s hotel industry 1990–2010: Structure, segmentation, and spatial transformation
Abstract One of the central challenges of a maturing tourism destination is to ensure continuous innovation and improvement of tourism products to meet the demands of an increasingly competitiveExpand
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The Economic Geography of South Africa’s Hotel Industry 1990–2010
Hotels are a neglected facet in economic and tourism geography as the majority of scholarship on hotels is produced from the perspective of hospitality management. This article examines the changingExpand
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The Greening of Urban Hotels in South Africa: Evidence from Gauteng
Responsible tourism and climate change mitigation are issues on the South African policy agenda. This paper offers a contribution to the limited existing scholarship dealing with greening of hotelsExpand
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Hotel location in Africa’s world class city: The case of Johannesburg, South Africa
Abstract Urban tourism is of rising importance for economic and tourism geographers. One of the most important elements for urban tourism is the hotel economy. Against a backdrop of internationalExpand
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The Boutique Hotel Industry in South Africa: Definition, Scope, and Organization
South Africa’s hotel industry has attracted only limited academic writings. This paper focuses on the emergence and development of boutique hotels. In common with the international tourism economy,Expand
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Market segmentation and the changing budget hotel industry in urban South Africa
Market segmentation is a critical driver of change in the hotel industry, resulting in the appearance of differen tiated forms of hotel property developments, including budget hotels. InternationalExpand
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The Limited Service Hotel in South Africa: The Growth of City Lodge
A critical competitive strategy for the growth and expansion of large hotel chains is the pursuit of market segmentation. This article investigates one aspect of market segmentation and theExpand
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The changing accommodation landscape of Free State, 1936-2010: a case of tourism geography.
Over the past decade the research of tourism geographers has evidenced considerable variety and in so doing contributed to the multi-disciplinary character of tourism studies. However, one dimensionExpand
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The changing all-suite hotel in South Africa:: from "extended stay" to African "condo hotel"
Despite a growth of scholarship in African tourism only limited work has been pursued on the accommodation sector in general and the hotel industry in Africa in particular. This article examines theExpand
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