J. M. Riedinger

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BACKGROUND Some oxysterols are identified in atheromatous plaques and in plasma of atherosclerotic patients. We asked whether they might modulate cytokine secretion on human monocytic cells. In(More)
Glutathione S-transferase (GST)M1, a member of the μ class GST gene family, has been shown to be polymorphic because of a partial gene deletion. This results in a failure to express the GSTM1 gene in(More)
BACKGROUND CA 125 assays enable treatment-response monitoring in ovarian cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS A multicentric study of CA 125 kinetics under induction chemotherapy was performed in 631(More)
PURPOSE CASP-3 gene gives rise, by alternative splicing to a caspase-3s variant, to the antagonist apoptotic property of caspase-3. Deregulation of splicing in tumor cells favoring the expression of(More)