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Pulsar polarization fluctuations. I. 1404 MHz statistical summaries.
Observations de polarisation des pulsations individuelles des 11 pulsars PSR 0525+21, PSR 0823+26, PSR 0834+06 a , PSR 0919+06, PSR 0950+08 a , PSR 1133+16, PSR 1237+25, PSR 1929+10 a , PSR 1944+17,Expand
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The Crab Nebula pulsar - Variability of dispersion and scattering
Previous investigations of the effects of interstellar dispersion and scattering on the waveform of the Crab Nebula pulsar (NP 0532) have indicated a two-screen scattering model with one variableExpand
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Pulsar Polarization Fluctuations - Part One - 1404-MHZ Statistical Summaries
On a effectue des observations de polarisation de pulsations individuelles a 800 MHz pour quatre pulsars et a faible dispersion: PSR 0834+06, PSR 0950+08, PSR 1929+10 et PSR 2020+28
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Statistical summaries of polarized pulsar radiation.
This paper considers the polarization behavior of 18 pulsars as observed at 430 MHz in the Arecibo Polarization Survey. The results following from a statistical analysis are presented as probabilityExpand
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Further observations of the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16.
We report the results of more than a year's timing observations of the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16. Within the accuracy of our measurements, about +- 300 ..mu..s, the pulse arrival times are exactlyExpand
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Four-Stokes-parameter radiofrequency polarimetry of a flare from AD Leonis
Observations of the four Stokes parameters of a 430-MHz flare from the UV Ceti-type star AD Leo are presented. The maximum amplitude of the event was 0.52 flux units, and the durations at one-halfExpand
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Orthogonal mode emission in geometric models of pulsar polarisation
The varying incidence of orthogonal ‘states’ of linear polarisation across the pulse of PSR 2016+28 is discussed in terms of a model with subpulse beams drifting round the pole of a rotating magneticExpand
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