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Can Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Be Prevented
Pilot studies show that preventing PTSD after vulnerable persons are exposed to extreme life-threatening trauma is possible, although we are in the very early stages of knowing exactly what to do.
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Recycling expensive medication: why not?
New (and proposed) advances in packaging, preserving, labeling, and verifying product integrity of individual tablets and capsules may allow for the recycling of certain expensive medicines.Expand
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Risk Versus Benefit of Benzodiazepines
Epidemiological studies report a lifetime prevalence rate of 24.9% for (any) anxiety disorder. Feelings of anxiety can also be related to normal fear of pain, loneliness, ridicule, illness, injury,Expand
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Prescriber intent, off-label usage, and early discontinuation of antidepressants: a retrospective physician survey and data analysis.
BACKGROUND Many patients discontinue antidepressant therapy long before the 6-month minimum duration recommended for the treatment of major depression and many other diagnoses. We explore variousExpand
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Is there a shortage of psychiatrists?
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The professional affiliation group: a new model for managed mental health care.
The model described above indicates that local mental health professionals can join together to design a system that can control costs and improve accessibility, continuity, and, ultimately, qualityExpand
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Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE) study, as well as changes in the Medicare program with the introduction of Medicare Part D, are causing physicians to reexamine issuesExpand
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Mental health carve-outs.
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