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Efficacy, safety and tolerability of vidofludimus in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: the ENTRANCE study.
BACKGROUND Vidofludimus (SC12267) is a novel oral immunomodulator inhibiting dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) and the expression of proinflammatory cytokines including interleukin-17 (IL17A andExpand
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Functional Expression of HGF and Its Receptor in Human Colorectal Cancer
Background: Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) stimulates proliferation, migration and morphogenesis of epithelial cells by specific binding to its receptor c-met. Overexpression of HGF or c-met has beenExpand
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C-met protooncogene expression and its regulation by cytokines in the regenerating pancreas and in pancreatic cancer cells.
BACKGROUND Activation of the receptor c-met stimulates motility, mitosis, morphogenesis, processes involved in organ regeneration, or progression of malignancies. In the present study we investigatedExpand
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Mechanisms of Lectin (Phytohemagglutinin)-Induced Growth in Small Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Background/Aims: The lectin phytohemagglutinin is a mitogen for intestinal epithelial cells in vivo. The mechanisms of action are unknown and were therefore analyzed in vitro. Methods: HumanExpand
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Expression of hepatocyte growth factor, keratinocyte growth factor and their receptors in experimental chronic pancreatitis
Background Hepatocyte (HGF) and Keratinocyte growth factors (KGF) are key factors of tissue organization and regeneration. These peptide growth factors and their receptors c‐met and keratinocyteExpand
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Synergistic Effects in Apoptosis Induction by Taurolidine and TRAIL in HCT-15 Colon Carcinoma Cells
Induction of apoptosis in tumor cells by TRAIL (tumor necrosis factor [TNF]-related apoptosis-inducing ligand) is a promising therapeutic principle in oncology, although toxicity and resistanceExpand
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CCK‐B/gastrin receptors in human colorectal cancer European Journal of Clinical Investigation 2001;31:812–820
BACKGROUND Mature amidated gastrin (G17 amide) mediates its effects in the gastrointestinal tract by activating G protein-coupled CCK-B/gastrin receptors. Although trophic actions of gastrin on theExpand
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Low-affinity CCK-1 receptors inhibit bombesin-stimulated secretion in rat pancreatic acini—implication of the actin cytoskeleton
EXPERIMENTAL OBJECTIVES Stimulation of low-affinity CCK-1 receptors on pancreatic acini leads to inhibition of enzyme secretion. We studied signal transduction mechanisms to identify potential causesExpand
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Expression of beta-defensin 1 and 2 in nasal epithelial cells and alveolar macrophages from HIV-infected patients.
BACKGROUND The incidence of respiratory infection is high in HIV-infected patients. beta-defensins are anti-microbial peptides derived from epithelia on the mucosal surfaces of the respiratory,Expand
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Intestinaltrakt und Pankreas
Die exokrine und endokrine Funktion des Pankreas wird uber Peptide der Darmschleimhaut sowie uber nervale Mechanismen reguliert. Der nach Nahrungsaufnahme jeweils unterschiedliche DarminhaltExpand