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Amphibian Diversity in Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kenya: A Comprehensive List of Specimens and Species
The first annotated amphibian checklist of Shimba Hills National Reserve (SHNR) is presented, able to confirm the presence of two Eastern Afromontane species in the SHNR and its connections to nearby biogeographic regions.
Observations on the breeding behaviour of the Taita dwarf toad Mertensophryne taitana on Mt. Mbololo, Taita Hills, Kenya
Abstract Very little life‐history information is available regarding the 13 species of earless dwarf toads from the genus Mertensophryne. We report our observations on the breeding behaviour of M.
Species-specific or assemblage-wide decline? The case of Arthroleptides dutoiti Loveridge, 1935 and the amphibian assemblage of Mount Elgon, Kenya
ABSTRACT The frog Arthroleptides dutoiti Loveridge, 1935, endemic to Mount Elgon, East Africa was last collected in 1962 and has not been observed since. The species is regarded as Critically
The Status of Flora and Fauna in the Nzoia River Drainage Basin in Western Kenya
ABSTRACT The species richness of flora and fauna in the Nzoia River drainage basin is documented through a study of museum specimens, catalogues and databases. The catchment area and basin covers
A new species of Letheobia (Serpentes: Typhlopidae) from central Kenya.
A new species of blind snake in the genus Letheobia (L. mbeerensis sp. nov.) is described from the Mbeere area on the extreme lower slopes of southeastern Mt. Kenya, where it is likely to be nocturnal and rarely encountered on the soil surface.