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The Influence of Delinquen Peers on Delinquency
Research indicates that gender is one of the strongest correlates of juvenile delinquency. Additionally, a growing body of literature suggests that the association with delinquent peers is anExpand
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Race, Local Life Circumstances, and Criminal Activity
Objective. Life–course researchers suggest that changes in local life circumstances explain changes in criminal activity in adulthood. Although the extent to which local life circumstances propelExpand
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Race, Social Capital, and Trust in the Police
Using a national survey of U.S. residents this study examines racial, socioeconomic, and community explanations for the trust of local police. We hypothesize that the construct of social capitalExpand
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Risk factors and behaviors associated with adolescent violence and aggression.
OBJECTIVE To explore risk factors and behaviors associated with aggressive and violent behaviors among adolescents. METHODS A comprehensive review of research literature from various disciplinesExpand
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Neighborhood Effects on Crime and Youth Violence: The Role of Business Improvement Districts in Los Angeles. Technical Report.
Business improvement districts (BIDs) collect assessments and invest in local service provisions and activities, such as place promotion, street cleaning, and public safety. Such activities can helpExpand
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A Specialized Domestic Violence Court in South Carolina
The current research details interviews with 50 victims and 50 defendants who participated in a specialized criminal domestic violence court in Lexington County, South Carolina. These victims andExpand
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Risk of Death among Serious Young Offenders
Mortality data were gathered from California Vital Statistics for more than 4,000 youth paroled by the California Youth Authority during the 1980s. Exposure periods (time at risk of death), wereExpand
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A Contextual Study of Racial Profiling
In this article, the authors argue for the importance of a contextualized examination of racial profiling. Although the study of racial profiling has only begun, existing studies have typicallyExpand
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Race, Neighbourhood Context and Perceptions of Injustice by the Police in Cincinnati
Research has long identified racial differences in perceptions of criminal injustice. Given that race is confounded with neighbourhood context, it remains unclear the extent to which individual orExpand
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Are Immigrant Youth Less Violent? Specifying the Reasons and Mechanisms
In this article, the authors present an overview of the relationship between immigrant households and crime and violence, drawing on sociological and public health literature. They present a critiqueExpand
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