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Nonexistence of almost Moore digraphs of diameter four
Regular digraphs of degree d > 1, diameter k > 1 and order N(d; k) = d+ +dk will be called almost Moore (d; k)-digraphs. So far, the problem of their existence has only been solved when d = 2; 3 orExpand
Algorithms and cryptographic protocols using elliptic curves
En els darrers anys, la criptografia amb corbes el.liptiques ha adquirit una importancia creixent, fins a arribar a formar part en la actualitat de diferents estandards industrials. Tot i que s’hanExpand
An Elliptic Curve Based Homomorphic Remote Voting System
A remote voting system allows participants to cast their ballots through the Internet. Remote voting systems based on the use of homomorphic public key cryptography have proven to be a good optionExpand
Volcanoes of l-isogenies of elliptic curves over finite fields: the case l=3
This paper is devoted to the study of the volcanoes of l-isogenies of elliptic curves over a finite field, focusing on their height as well as on the location of curves across its different levels.Expand
The characteristic numbers of the variety of P3
In this note we obtain, phrased in present day geometric and computational frameworks, the characteristic numbers of the family Unod of non–degenerate nodal plane cubics in P3, first obtained byExpand