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Influence of milking three times a day on milk quality.
Lactations were divided into three periods: early (1 to 99 d), mid (100 to 199 d), and late (200 to 299 d). One hundred Holsteins were randomly split into four groups that were balanced for parity.Expand
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Effects of insulin and amino acids on milk protein concentration and yield from dairy cows.
Our study investigated the effect of insulin on the regulation of milk protein synthesis in well-fed cows (n = 4) with or without additional amino acids (AA). The design was a two-way crossedExpand
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Indirect and direct determination of the casein content of milk by Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis: collaborative study.
The classic method for determination of milk casein is based on precipitation of casein at pH 4.6. Precipitated milk casein is removed by filtration and the nitrogen content of either the precipitateExpand
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Influence of Milk Somatic Cell Count and Milk Age on Cheese Yield
Abstract Batches (n = 22) of milk were collected from groups of 8 to 10 cows with similar milk SCC from
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Effects of amount of protein and ruminally protected amino acids in the diet of dairy cows fed supplemental fat.
The objectives of this experiment were to investigate the effects of amount of dietary CP and ruminally protected AA supplementation on production of milk and milk components, ruminal fermentation,Expand
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Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis as a reference method for protein determination in dairy products.
Measurement of total nitrogen by Kjeldahl analysis is the historical reference method for determination of the protein content of dairy products and is used for both calibration and validation ofExpand
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Effect of a prolonged-release formulation of N-methionyl bovine somatotropin (sometribove) on milk fat.
Nine Holstein cows were injected bi-weekly with a prolonged-release formulation of N-methionyl bST, and 9 cows were injected with excipient. Intramuscular injections began at 60 +/- 3 d postpartumExpand
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Flavor and stability of pasteurized milk with elevated levels of conjugated linoleic acid and vaccenic acid.
The objectives of this study were to determine if flavor differences between 2% fat pasteurized milks with and without naturally enhanced vaccenic acid (VA) and cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linoleicExpand
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An empirical method for prediction of cheese yield.
Theoretical cheese yield can be estimated from the milk fat and casein or protein content of milk using classical formulae, such as the VanSlyke formula. These equations are reliable predictors ofExpand
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Responses to increasing amounts of high-oleic sunflower fatty acids infused into the abomasum of lactating dairy cows.
Increasing the oleic acid (18:1 cis-9) content of milk fat might be desirable to meet consumer concerns about dietary healthfulness and for certain manufacturing applications. The extent to whichExpand
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