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A simple method for detection of viral satellite RNAs in small plant tissue samples.
A procedure is described that allows extraction and can estimate the total amount of single-stranded and double-stranded viral satellite RNAs and viral RNA present in a minimal amount of infectedExpand
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Cucumber Mosaic Virus Associated RNA 5: Causal Agent for Tomato Necrosis
A small replicating RNA, encapsidated with and dependent on, but not part of the viral genome, modifies disease expression depending on the host. In tomato plants, it causes a lethal necrotic diseaseExpand
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The chemical basis of virus structure, dissociation and reassembly.
Downloading the book in this website lists can give you more advantages. It will show you the best book collections and completed collections. So many books can be found in this website. So, this isExpand
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Isolation of viral double-stranded RNAs using a LiCl fractionation procedure.
A general procedure for the isolation of virus-specific double-stranded RNA (ds-RNA) is discribed. The procedure is based on the differential solubility of different types of nucleic acids in LiCl.Expand
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Nucleotide sequence of the satellite of peanut stunt virus reveals structural homologies with viroids and certain nuclear and mitochondrial introns.
Peanut stunt virus-associated RNA 5 (PARNA 5), the satellite of a plant cucumovirus, is a linear RNA of 393 nucleotides with a 5' cap and a 3' hydroxyl group. Determination of its nucleotide sequenceExpand
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A simple and rapid method for screening transgenic plants using the PCR.
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Cucumber mosaic virus-associating RNA 5. I. Role of host plant and helper strain in determining amount of associated RNA 5 with virions.
Abstract The low-molecular-weight fifth RNA component encapsidated in cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) has recently been identified as a satellite-like or defective RNA, dependent on a helper virus forExpand
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Nucleotide sequence and structural analysis of two satellite RNAs associated with chicory yellow mottle virus.
The two satellite RNAs associated with CYMV infections were sequenced. The larger (sCYMV-L1) has only linear molecules 1145 nucleotides long, a poly(A) tail, a long open reading frame (ORF) codingExpand
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Nucleotide sequence predicts circularity and self-cleavage of 300-ribonucleotide satellite of arabis mosaic virus.
The nucleotide sequence of the satellite of arabis mosaic virus was determined using the satellite RNA encapsidated in virions. The 300-nucleotide long sequence showed extensive homology (50%) withExpand
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