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New supergravities with central charges and Killing spinors in 2+1 dimensions
Abstract We construct a new class of ( p , q )-extended Poincare supergravity theories in 2+1 dimensions as Chern-Simons theories of supersymmetry algebras with both central and automorphism charges.Expand
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Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, Cohomology and some Applications in Physics
Preface 1. Lie groups, fibre bundles and Cartan calculus 2. Connections and characteristic classes 3. A first look at cohomology of groups and related topics 4. An introduction to abstract groupExpand
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Dyonic Membranes
We present dyonic multi-membrane solutions of the N=2 D=8 supergravity theory that serves as the effective field theory of the T 2-compactified type II su-perstring theory. The 'electric' charge isExpand
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Supersymmetric spacetimes in (2+1) adS-supergravity models
We find a class of (2+1)-dimensional spacetimes admitting Killing spinors appropriate to (2,0) adS-supergravity. The vacuum spacetimes include anti-de Sitter (adS) space and charged extreme blackExpand
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n-ary algebras: a review with applications
This paper reviews the properties and applications of certain n-ary generalizations of Lie algebras in a self-contained and unified way. These generalizations are algebraic structures in which theExpand
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The geometry of branes and extended superspaces
Abstract We argue that a description of supersymmetric extended objects from a unified geometric point of view requires an enlargement of superspace. To this aim we study in a systematic way howExpand
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Generating Lie and gauge free differential (super)algebras by expanding Maurer–Cartan forms and Chern–Simons supergravity
Abstract We study how to generate new Lie algebras G (N 0 ,…,N p ,…,N n ) from a given one  G . The (order by order) method consists in expanding its Maurer–Cartan one-forms in powers of a realExpand
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An introduction to some novel applications of Lie algebra cohomology in mathematics and physics
This paper has been partially supported by a research grant from the MEC, Spain (PB96-0756). J. C. P. B. wishes to thank the Spanish MEC and the CSIC for an FPI grant.
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BPS states in M theory and twistorial constituents.
We provide a complete algebraic description of Bogomol'nyi-Prasad-Sommerfield (BPS) states in M theory in terms of primary constituents that we call BPS preons. We argue that any BPS state preservingExpand
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Supertwistors, massive superparticles and κ-symmetry
We consider a D = 4 two-twistor lagrangian for a massive particle that incorporates the mass-shell condition in an algebraic way, and extend it to a two-supertwistor model with N = 2 supersymmetryExpand
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