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Rapid climate change-related growth decline at the southern range edge of Fagus sylvatica
Studies on Fagus sylvatica show that growth in populations toward the southern limit of this species’ distribution is limited strongly by drought. Warming temperatures in the Mediterranean region areExpand
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Natural selection and climate change: temperature‐linked spatial and temporal trends in gene frequency in Fagus sylvatica
Rapid increases in global temperature are likely to impose strong directional selection on many plant populations, which must therefore adapt if they are to survive. Within populations,Expand
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Twentieth century changes of tree‐ring δ13C at the southern range‐edge of Fagus sylvatica: increasing water‐use efficiency does not avoid the growth decline induced by warming at low altitudes
We aimed to gain knowledge on the changes in intrinsic water use efficiency (iWUE) in response to increasing atmospheric CO 2 concentrations and climate change over the last century. We investigatedExpand
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Climate relationships of growth and establishment across the altitudinal range of Fagus sylvatica in the Montseny Mountains, northeast Spain
Abstract A rise in elevation of the temperate biome has been reported in the mountains of northeast Spain. We aimed to determine the principal climatic factors limiting growth and establishment ofExpand
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An Overview of Nickel Mineralisation in Africa with Emphasis on the Mesoproterozoic East African Nickel Belt (EANB)
Nickel production in Africa takes place principally in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, with much of the South African and Zimbabwean production being a by-product of platinum-group elementExpand
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