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Acoustical Studies of Mandarin Vowels and Tones
1. Introduction 2. Formant frequencies of the vowels 3. Fundamental frequency of the tones 4. Summary and proposals for further work Selected bibliography Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C.
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On the Domain of Tone in Mandarin
Measurements of the fundamental frequency of 136 Mandarin citation syllables have yielded average curves for the four distinctive tones in nine types of syllable. It appears that the basic contours of
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Epimorphisms and dominions. II
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Anti-uniform semilattices
An inverse semigroup which is a union of groups is called Cliffordian. A semilattice E is called universally Cliffordian if every inverse semigroup having E as semilattice of idempotents isExpand
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Acoustical Measurements of Distinctive Vowel Quantity in Malayalam
The physical nature of distinctive length in Malayalam vowels has been investigated by means of sound spectrograms made of two informants' speech. Measurements of short and long vowels, in isolationExpand
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