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Reducing refugee mental health disparities: a community-based intervention to address postmigration stressors with African adults.
Refugees resettled in the United States have disproportionately high rates of psychological distress. Research has demonstrated the roles of postmigration stressors, including lack of meaningfulExpand
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“We’re Still in a Struggle”
As part of a community/university collaborative effort to promote the mental health and well-being of Diné (Navajo) youth, we explored the relevance of addressing historical trauma and currentExpand
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Reconsidering Culturally Competent Approaches to American Indian Healing and Well-Being
There is an urgent need to eliminate mental health disparities experienced by American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs). Service providers and researchers often address these disparities byExpand
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Understanding the Mental Health Consequences of Family Separation for Refugees: Implications for Policy and Practice
Consistent evidence documents the negative impacts of family separation on refugee mental health and concerns for the welfare of distant family members and desire to reunite with family members asExpand
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Immigrant Ambassadors: Citizenship and Belonging in the Tibetan Diaspora
The Tibetan diaspora began fifty years ago when the current Dalai Lama fled Lhasa and established a government-in-exile in India. For those fifty years, the vast majority of Tibetans have kept theirExpand
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Reducing mental health disparities through transformative learning: a social change model with refugees and students.
Distribution of power and resources greatly impacts the mental health of individuals and communities. Thus, to reduce mental health disparities, it is imperative to address these social determinantsExpand
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Kids at the Crossroads: Global Childhood and the State
The papers here examine the global circulation of both ideologies and practices that underlie the notion of "childhood," as well as the circulation or migration of children themselves. We ask whatExpand
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Statelessness and the State: Tibetans, Citizenship, and Nationalist Activism in a Transnational World1
The Tibetan population in the United States has increased significantly over the last decade. The passage of the 1990 Immigration Act instituted the first large-scale immigration of Tibetans fromExpand
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Challenges and Innovations in a Community-Based Participatory Randomized Controlled Trial
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are a long-standing and important design for conducting rigorous tests of the effectiveness of health interventions. However, many questions have been raised aboutExpand
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