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A method for determining a stochastic transition
A number of problems in physics can be reduced to the study of a measure‐preserving mapping of a plane onto itself. One example is a Hamiltonian system with two degrees of freedom, i.e., two coupledExpand
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Noncanonical Hamiltonian Density Formulation of Hydrodynamics and Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics.
A new Hamiltonian density formulation of a perfect fluid with or without a magnetic field is presented. Contrary to previous work the dynamical variables are the physical variables,Expand
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Exact Nonlinear Plasma Oscillations
The problem of a one-dimensional stationary nonlinear electrostatic wave in a plasma free from interparticle collisions is solved exactly by elementary means. It is demonstrated that, by addingExpand
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The calculation of Lyapunov spectra
Abstract Linearization around the chaotic orbits of dynamical systems offers good prospects for understanding complex systems. The naturally available information that can be obtained from suchExpand
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Geometrical properties of three‐dimensional reconnecting magnetic fields with nulls
This paper is concerned with the geometrical aspects of the reconnection of magnetic field lines. Reconnection is associated with discontinuities in the overall field line organization of theExpand
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Resistive instabilities in general toroidal plasma configurations
Previous work by Johnson and Greene on resistive instabilities is extended to finite‐pressure configurations. The Mercier criterion for the stability of the ideal magnetohydrodynamic interchange modeExpand
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Locating three-dimensional roots by a bisection method
Abstract The evaluation of roots of equations is a problem of perennial interest. Bisection methods have advantages since the volume in which the root is known to be located can be steadilyExpand
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One‐dimensional Vlasov–Maxwell equilibria
The purpose of this paper is to show that the Vlasov equilibrium of a plasma of charged particles in an electromagnetic field is closely related to a fluid equilibrium, where only a few moments ofExpand
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Area preserving nontwist maps: periodic orbits and transition to chaos
Abstract Area preserving nontwist maps, i.e. maps that violate the twist condition, are considered. A representative example, the standard nontwist map that violates the twist condition along a curveExpand
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