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Crude glycerin in diets for feedlot Nellore cattle
Two studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of crude glycerin on feed intake, performance, carcass characteristics, and total digestibility of Nellore bulls. In experiment 1, cattle (n = 30)Expand
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Fiber sources in diets for newly weaned piglets
This experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of purified cellulose, soybean hulls and citrus pulp in the diet of weaned piglets. A total of 72 piglets (36 castrated males and 36 females)Expand
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Influência de subprodutos de oleaginosas sobre parâmetros ruminais e a degradação da matéria seca e da proteína bruta
The aim of this work was to evaluate the introduction of oleaginous byproducts in sheep feeding as a replacement for soybean meal. Four sheep weighing 40kg, with cannulated rumen were selected in aExpand
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Consumo e digestibilidade total e parcial de dietas utilizando farelo de girassol e três fontes de energia em novilhos confinados
ABSTRACT - Feed intake, partial and total digestibility and nitrogen balance were evaluated in confined steers. Three crossbreed steers ,rumen and duodenum cannulated, were allotted to two 3 x 3Expand
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Cinética digestiva e eficiência de síntese de proteína microbiana em novilhos alimentados com farelo de girassol e diferentes fontes energéticas
The objective of this trial was to evaluate the partial replacement of ground corn with soybean hulls or corn germ meal on ruminal microbial protein synthesis and efficiency and ruminal dilution andExpand
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Crude glycerin changes ruminal parameters, in vitro greenhouse gas profile, and bacterial fractions of beef cattle
Abstract As the biodiesel industry produces a large surplus of crude glycerin, this by-product is increasingly being considered as an attractive source of energy to replace corn in livestock diets.Expand
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Desempenho, parâmetros plasmáticos e características de carcaça de novilhos alimentados com farelo de girassol e diferentes fontes energéticas, em confinamento
Performance, plasmatic parameters and carcass traits of 24 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Nellore steers with 370 kg initial average weight was evaluated. The experimental diets were composed by corn silage (55%)Expand
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Energia metabolizável de alimentos na formulação de ração para frangos de corte
The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of using the metabolizable energy (ME) of feeds, determined by different methods, on diet formulation for broilers. The experiment followed aExpand
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Desempenho de novilhos Nelore alimentados com casca de soja ou farelo de gérmen de milho em substituição parcial ao milho moído
The objective of this trial was to study the partial replacement of ground corn with soybean hulls or corn germ meal in diets containing sunflower meal and urea as nitrogen sources and corn silage asExpand
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Effects of partial or total replacement of corn cracked grain with high concentrations of crude glycerin on rumen metabolism of crossbred sheep
Abstract Crude glycerin, a by-product of the biodiesel industry, has been used as a strategic ingredient in intensive ruminant production systems, mainly in substitution of starch-rich ingredients.Expand
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