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The relationship of porcine sperm zona-binding ability to fertility.
Competitive zona-binding ability may be useful for identifying boars with reduced fertility that produce smaller litters following insemination, and distinguished boars that sired either small or large litters. Expand
Slow inward and outward currents of rat ventricular fibers under anoxia.
Voltage and current clamp experiments were performed on rat ventricular strips under anoxia and the membrane depolarized and the action potential amplitude decreased, and the conductance of the slow inward channel decreased. Expand
The use of two fluorescent dyes to identify sperm in a competitive binding assay to oocytes.
A new assay that measures the competitive ability of two sperm samples to bind to oocytes was developed, allowing one to make a series of pairwise comparisons between a group of males or to include an internal control sample in sperm-oocyte binding assays. Expand
Inhibitory activity of blockers of the slow inward current in rat myocardium, a study in steady state and of rate of action.
It is concluded that Mn 2+ and the organic blockers have different mechanisms of action, that varapamil and D-600 have to pass through or enter into the membrane, and that the molecules of D- 600 and verapamIL possess one and two active groups respectively. Expand
The effects of amphotericin B on the ionic currents on frog atrial trabeculae.
The effect of amphotericin B (1.3, 2.6, and 5.2 μ m ) on the ionic currents determining the cardiac action potential was investigated in the frog atrial trabecula. The experiments were performed withExpand
Examination of the binding ability of bovine spermatozoa to the zona pellucida as an indicator of fertility.
A competitive in vitro fertilization assay in which spermatozoa from 2 different males, stained with different lipophilic dyes, are incubated together with oocytes in a droplet controls for many of the variables of in vitro fertility and should allow identification of the most common faulty steps in fertilization. Expand
Lipotropic activity of choline, betaine, and methionine in ducklings.
Choline has a triple function in ducklings; it promotes growth, prevents hepatic fatty infiltration, and perosis, and DL-methionine, when added to a purified diet containing 9% casein or to a simplified diet containing 15%casein, has no lipotropic activity. Expand
Effect of ethanol on body growth and serum proteins in young ducklings.
A significant decrease of serum albumin and increase of α- and β-globulins were found in alcohol intoxicated ducks and the body growth of ducks is diminished under the ethanol consumption according to the concentration of ethanol in water. Expand
Further work on the nutrition of ducklings. A.--Lipotropic factors. B.--Sulphar amino acid requirements.
It is found that a level of 28% casein is more satisfactory than one of 18% in the prevention of fatty infiltration of the liver in ducklings, and betaine and methionine have a definite lipotropic activity, when fed to ducklings along with a semipurified diet containing peanut meal as the only natural ingredient. Expand