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What Is Coefficient Alpha? An Examination of Theory and Applications
Coefficient alpha (Cronbach, 1951) is certainly one of the most important and pervasive statistics in research involving test construction and use. A review of the Social Sciences Citations Index for
Meta-Analysis of Experiments With Matched Groups or Repeated Measures Designs
Tests for experiments with matched groups or repeated measures designs use error terms that involve the correlation between the measures as well as the variance of the data. The larger the
Testing Interaction Effects in LISREL: Examination and Illustration of Available Procedures
The concomitant proliferation of causal modeling and hypotheses of multiplicative effects has brought about a tremendous need for procedures that allow the testing of moderated structural equation
A meta-analytic investigation of conscientiousness in the prediction of job performance: examining the intercorrelations and the incremental validity of narrow traits.
It is suggested that there are benefits to considering the narrow traits of conscientiousness in the prediction of performance, yet the degree to which they contribute depends on the particular performance criterion and occupation in question.
On the Logic and Purpose of Significance Testing
There has been much recent attention given to the problems involved with the traditional approach to null hypothesis significance testing (NHST). Many have suggested that, perhaps, NHST should be
Personnel Selection and Employee Performance
This paper is organized around a model of job performance in which personality and ability constructs (KSASOs) are seen as leading to procedural and declarative knowledge and motivation which, in
Apples and Oranges (and Pears, Oh My!): The Search for Moderators in Meta-Analysis
The purpose of this article is to review current practices with respect to detection and estimation of moderators in meta-analysis and to develop recommendations that are driven by the results of
The incremental validity of interview scores over and above cognitive ability and conscientiousness scores
Recent research has suggested that scores on measures of cognitive ability, measures of Conscientiousness, and interview scores are positively correlated with job performance. There remains, however,