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Gd-based single-ion magnets with tunable magnetic anisotropy: molecular design of spin qubits.
We report ac susceptibility and continuous wave and pulsed EPR experiments performed on GdW10 and GdW30 polyoxometalate clusters, in which a Gd3+ ion is coordinated to different polyoxometalateExpand
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Modeling the properties of uranium-based single ion magnets
We analyze the magnetic behavior of the five uranium-based SIMs reported in the literature. By combining a corrected crystal field model with the magnetic experimental data, we obtain theExpand
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Magnetic polyoxometalates: from molecular magnetism to molecular spintronics and quantum computing.
In this review we discuss the relevance of polyoxometalate (POM) chemistry to provide model objects in molecular magnetism. We present several potential applications in nanomagnetism, in particular,Expand
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Influence of peripheral substitution on the magnetic behavior of single-ion magnets based on homo- and heteroleptic Tb(III) bis(phthalocyaninate).
A series of homoleptic ([Tb(III)(Pc)(2) ]) and heteroleptic ([Tb(III)(Pc)(Pc')]) Tb(III) bis(phthalocyaninate) complexes that contain different peripheral substitution patterns (i.e., tert-butyl orExpand
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Modeling the properties of lanthanoid single-ion magnets using an effective point-charge approach.
Herein, we present two geometrical models based on an effective point-charge approach to provide a full description of the lowest sublevels in lanthanoid single ion magnets (SIMs). The first one,Expand
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A mixed-valence polyoxovanadate(III,IV) cluster with a calixarene cap exhibiting ferromagnetic V(III)-V(IV) interactions.
A series of compounds (cat)[V6O6(OCH3)8(calix)(CH3OH)] was obtained under anaerobic conditions and solvothermal reaction of VOSO4 with p-tert-butylcalix[4]arene (calix) in methanol using differentExpand
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Spin-lattice relaxation via quantum tunneling in an Er 3 + -polyoxometalate molecular magnet
We investigate the mechanism of spin-lattice relaxation of Er ions encapsulated in polyoxometalate clusters, which below 4 K can only reverse its spin via quantum tunneling processes. TheExpand
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SIMPRE: A software package to calculate crystal field parameters, energy levels, and magnetic properties on mononuclear lanthanoid complexes based on charge distributions
This work presents a fortran77 code based on an effective electrostatic model of point charges around a rare earth ion. Expand
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Dinuclear (FeII, GdIII) Complexes Deriving from Hexadentate Schiff Bases: Synthesis, Structure, and Mössbauer and Magnetic Properties
The dinuclear (FeII, GdIII) complexes studied in this report derive from hexadentate Schiff base ligands abbreviated H2Li (i = 1, 2, 3). H2L1 =Expand
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Magnetic polyoxometalates: anisotropic antiferro- and ferromagnetic exchange interactions in the pentameric cobalt(II) cluster.
The ground-state properties of the pentameric Co(II) cluster [Co(3)W(D(2)O)(2)(CoW(9)O(34))(2)](12-) were investigated by combining magnetic susceptibility and low-temperature magnetizationExpand
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