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The Patagonian Telmatobiid Fauna of the Volcanic Somuncura Plateau of Argentina
Certain characteristics of Telmatobius somuncurensis are discussed, such as the uncommon everted cloaca and the similarity between the upper and lower rounded structures of its iris and the upper "meniscus" of the iris of the east-Brazilian Cyclorhamphus.
Taxonomic and Serological Researches on the Phymaturus patagonicus Complex
Five subspecies of Phymaturus from Argentine Patagonia are identified and their morphological and ecological features are described according to their widespread but isolated distribution.
New Endemic Iguanid Lizards from the Famatina Mountains of Western Argentina
The first herpetological information on the Sierra de Famatina massif (6250 m), La Rioja Province, Argentina, includes two new species of Phymaturus and Liolaemus living at altitudes from 3600 to
A Review of the Leptodactylid Frog Genus, Odontophrynus
The principal aims of this report are to review briefly the systematics and distribution of the four valid species of Odontophrynus, provide diagnoses for identification, describe the larvae of three of the forms, and describe the new Brazilian species.
Revision of the Patagonian Iguanids of the Liolaemus elongatus Complex
Patagonian lizards of the Liolaemus elongatus complex are revised and a new allosympatric, closely related form, L. austromendocinus sp.nov.
A new peculiar Liolaemus species of the “ chiliensis ” phyletic group from the volcanic Cordilleran landscapes of Southern Mendoza Province, Argentina (Iguania, Lacertilia, Reptilia)
A new lizard of the genus Liolaemus, belonging to the evolutionary “chiliensis” group, is described. Specimens come from the Peteroa Volcano region (2400 m), close to the Chilean fron­ tier, in the