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Partnerships in Birds: The Study of Monogamy
Views on monogamy and sperm competition in birds mate fidelity and divorce in monogamous birds, pair bonds and partnerships, and the persistence of partnerships in indigo buntings are presented. Expand
Travel schedules to the high arctic: barnacle geese trade‐off the timing of migration with accumulation of fat deposits
It seemed that the geese departed for migration as soon as they were unable to accumulate any more fat stores, such that low-quality birds (depositing less fat) benefited most from an early departure to the breeding grounds. Expand
Fitness consequences of long-term pair bonds in barnacle geese: monogamy in the extreme
It is argued that continuous partnerships are maintained in highly competitive goose societies because of the constant need for female–male cooperation, without which acquiring adequate resources for reproduction would be prohibitive for both sexes. Expand
Parent-offspring relationships in wintering barnacle geese
It is suggested that extended association with gosling may increase a parent's chances of breeding in the future due to the ‘contributor’ effect of the goslings that stayed in the family. Expand
Foraging dynamics in goose flocks: the cost of living on the edge
Abstract The effects of flock position on the foraging performance of individual barnacle geese, Branta leucopsis, were determined by comparing foraging behaviour, vegetation quality and diet ofExpand
The benefit of large broods in barnacle geese : a study using natural and experimental manipulations
This study provides a clear demonstration of a causal relationship between brood size and various components of both gosling and adult fitness and is of direct relevance to the phenomenon of adoption and the evolution of brood size in this species. Expand
Agonistic behaviour in barnacle goose flocks: assessment, investment and reproductive success
Within barnacle goose, Branta leucopsis, flocks dominance rank was ordered according to the number of individuals within social units; large families beat small families, small families beat paired adults, and paired adults beat single birds. Expand
Energy budgets of wintering Barnacle Geese: the effects of declining food resources
This paper documents the daily activities and feeding rates of Barnacle Geese Branta leucopsis through the autumn and winter in relation to changes in biomass of their food supply. Energy intake andExpand