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Formation and Growth of Tarnish on Evaporated Silver Films
We have studied the growth of the silver sulfide tarnish film which forms on silver deposited on smooth, amorphous substrates and rough and smooth polycrystalline substrates. Both ellipsometric andExpand
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Relation between the angular dependence of scattering and the statistical properties of optical surfaces
A relation from vector scattering theory has been used to predict the angular distribution of scattered light from optical surfaces as a function of the wavelength, optical constants of the material,Expand
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Surface characterization techniques for determining the root-mean-square roughness and power spectral densities of optical components.
Surface topography and light scattering were measured on 15 samples ranging from those having smooth surfaces to others with ground surfaces. The measurement techniques included an atomic forceExpand
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Light scattering from multilayer optics: comparison of theory and experiment.
Measurements of angular scattering due to surface roughness were taken from a 24-layer dielectric mirror and compared to theory. In addition, the top surface roughness of the multilayer stack isExpand
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Gold mineralisation at the Lady Bountiful Mine, Western Australia: An example of a granitoid-hosted Archaean lode gold deposit
The Lady Bountiful granitoid-hosted lode gold deposit, located in the mid-greenschist facies metamorphosed Ora Banda greenstone sequence, is hosted predominantly by the late-tectonic LibertyExpand
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Introduction to Surface Roughness and Scattering
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Precise Method for Measuring the Absolute Phase Change on Reflection
A method is described for measuring the absolute phase change on reflection of semitransparent films which is both precise and accurate. The films are deposited on portions of two fuzed-quartzExpand
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Optical Constants of Silver Sulfide Tarnish Films
The optical constants of rapidly grown silver sulfide films approximately 400 A thick have been determined in the wavelength range 0.28–2.5 μ using three independent methods. A fourth method was usedExpand
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Infrared Reflectance of Evaporated Aluminum Films
The specular reflectance of evaporated aluminum films has been measured with high precision (±0.1%) from 0.55 to 32 μ. The measurements were made at normal incidence on fresh and aged films depositedExpand
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