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Effects of the Argentine ant Linepithema humile on seed dispersal and seedling emergence of Rhamnus alaternus
We studied influence of the Argentine ant's Linepithema humile occurrence on seed dispersal of Rhamnus alaternus (Rhamnaceae). Rhamnus alaternus is a fleshy fruit plant dispersed primarily by birds;Expand
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Structure of ground-foraging ant assemblages in relation to land-use change in the northwestern Mediterranean region
The abandonment by humans of marginal and less productive zones signifies an important change in land use in North Mediterranean agroecosystems. Human perturbations have led to a highly diversifiedExpand
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Can salvage logging affect seed dispersal by birds into burned forests
The recovery of vegetation in Mediterranean ecosystems after wildfire is mostly a result of direct regeneration, since the same species existing before the fire regenerate on-site by seeding orExpand
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Building wood debris piles benefits avian seed dispersers in burned and logged Mediterranean pine forests
Salvage logging is a common practice carried out in burned forests worldwide, and intended to mitigate the economic losses caused by wildfires. Logging implies an additional disturbance occurringExpand
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Time-window of occurrence and vegetation cover preferences of Dartford and Sardinian Warblers after fire
AbstractWildfires are the most extensive and severe disturbance affecting the shrublands where Sardinian and Dartford Warblers (Sylvia melanocephala and S. undata) abound. Estimating the long-termExpand
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Territory characteristics and coexistence with heterospecifics in the Dartford warbler Sylvia undata across a habitat gradient
The study of successional gradients may help to understand the relative influence of habitat structure and competition on territory characteristics. Here, we evaluate the effects of vegetation cover,Expand
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Does Argentine ant invasion affect prey availability for foliage-gleaning birds?
Food availability during the breeding season plays a critical role in reproductive success of insectivorous birds. Given that the invasive Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) is known to alterExpand
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The spread of the Argentine ant: environmental determinants and impacts on native ant communities
The increasing numbers of invasive species have stimulated the study of the underlying causes promoting the establishment and spread of exotic species. We tracked the spread of the highly invasiveExpand
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SUMMARY.—Open-habitat birds in recently burned areas: the role of the fire extent and species’ habitat breadth. Aims: To evaluate the occurrence of open-habitat and steppe-land bird species inExpand
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Myrmecochory and short-term seed fate in Rhamnus alaternus: Ant species and seed characteristics
Benefits conferred on plants in ant-mediated seed dispersal mutualisms (myrmecochory) depend on the fate of transported seeds. We studied the effects of elaiosome presence, seed size and seedExpand
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