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Peritoneale Instillation von Taurolidin und Heparin zur Verhinderung von intraperitonealem Tumorwachstum und Trokarmetastasen bei laparoskopischen Operationen im Rattenmodell
In vivo, heparin inhibits intraperitoneal tumor growth only slightly, while taurolidine causes a significant decrease in tumor cell growth in vitro as well as intra peritoneal tumors growth and trocar metastases in vivo. Expand
Videoinformationsfilm vor Leistenhernienoperationen
The length of patient education, its quality, patient satisfaction, and the duration of hospitalization and time off work were compared between patients who saw the video clip and those who did not; and the time spent informing the video group was shorter. Expand
The aim of multimodal perioperative treatment concepts is to lower the extent of general complications after elective colonic resection and “traditional” perioperativ therapy and to allow hospital discharge only a few days following the operation. Expand
Was ist Fast-track -Chirurgie?
The multimodal regime decreased general morbidity from 20 - 30 % to below 10 %, while postoperative hospital stay was reduced from 10 - 15 to 2 - 5 days, and "Fast-track"-rehabilitation was evaluated most thoroughly in elective colonic surgery. Expand
Intragastrale Penetration eines justierbaren Magenbands
A 38-year-old woman who was operated on in 1997 with a body mass index of 47 kg/m2 is reported on, who complained of diffuse epigastric pain and was free of symptoms after laparoscopic removal of the band. Expand
Über die Inhaltsstoffe von Zizyphus oenoplia MILL. 2. Mitteilung. Zur Konstitutionsermittlung des Zizyphins
The structure I for Zizyphin (C33H49O6N5), a peptidic alkaloid isolated from the rootbark of Zizyphus oenoplia MILL., has been determined by chemical degradation and confirmed by N.M.R.Expand
Rekonstruktion der aorto-iliacalen Etage und Resektion maligner Tumoren : ein- oder zweizeitiges Vorgehen?
The one-stage operation of aortic aneurysms and cancer resection is feasible if appropriate care is given to patients selection, technical details and the rules of antisepsis, without affecting surgical morbidity and mortality. Expand
Einführung der „Fast-track”-Kolonchirurgie in den klinischen Alltag
Establishing "fast-track"-colonic surgery requires close cooperation between surgery, anestehsiology and nursing personal, and most important is a surgeon prepared to overcome traditional concepts of perioperative care. Expand
Untersuchungen zur Komplikationsrate nach thorakoskopischer und konventioneller Lobektomie
The thoracoscopic lobectomy represents a safe operation method and an alternative to the conventional operation (thoracotomy) postoperatively and is recommended for treatment of primary non-small cell lung cancer. Expand
Gastrointestinale Lebensqualität nach Duodenopankreatektomie beim Pankreascarcinom Vorläufige Ergebnisse einer prospektiv-randomisierten Studie: PD vs PPPD
PPPD seems to be associated with a better postoperative gastrointestinal quality of life than PD, and the preoperative body weight was reached after 6 months in 85% of the PPPD group and this was true in only 60 % of the PD-group (n = 14). Expand