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Fully massive tadpoles at 5-loop: reduction and difference equations
Loop integrals are essential for the computation of predictions in quantum field theories like the Standard Model of elementary particle physics. For instance, in the case of anomalous dimensions ofExpand
Collective modes in three-dimensional magnonic vortex crystals
Collective modes in three-dimensional crystals of stacked permalloy disks with magnetic vortices are investigated by ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy and scanning transmission X-ray microscopy.Expand
Debye screening mass of hot Yang-Mills theory to three-loop order
A bstractBuilding upon our earlier work, we compute a Debye mass of finite-temperature Yang-Mills theory to three-loop order. As an application, we determine a g7 contribution to the thermodynamicExpand
Algorithmic approach to finite-temperature QCD
In this thesis we describe an approach to deal with high-order loop corrections in a systematic way. We apply this approach to determine the O(g6) contribution to the electric screening mass m2E andExpand
GUT scale extra dimensions and light moduli in supergravity and cosmology
We study the dynamical properties of geometric moduli in veand six-dimensional supergravity compacti ed on at orbifolds, focusing on the impact of the Kähler potential. In both cases, the KählerExpand
Dimensionally reduced QCD at high temperature
Finite-temperature QCD at high temperature T exhibits three different momentum scales T,gT and g2T. Naive perturbation theory in a small gauge coupling g does not work beyond leading order. In theExpand
Three-loop matching coefficients for hot QCD: reduction and gauge independence
A bstractWe perform an integral reduction for the 3-loop effective gauge coupling and screening mass of QCD at high temperatures, defined as matching coefficients appearing in the dimensionallyExpand