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Indicators of socioeconomic position (part 1)
This glossary presents a comprehensive list of indicators of socioeconomic position used in health research. A description of what they intend to measure is given together with how data are elicitedExpand
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Income inequality and mortality: importance to health of individual income, psychosocial environment, or material conditions
Studies on the health effects of income inequality have generated great interest. The evidence on this association between countries is mixed,1–4 but income inequality and health have been linkedExpand
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Inequality in income and mortality in the United States: analysis of mortality and potential pathways
Abstract Objective: To examine the relation between health outcomes and the equality with which income is distributed in the United States. Design: The degree of income inequality, defined as theExpand
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Is income inequality a determinant of population health? Part 1. A systematic review.
This article reviews 98 aggregate and multilevel studies examining the associations between income inequality and health. Overall, there seems to be little support for the idea that income inequalityExpand
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A life course approach to chronic disease epidemiology.
A life course approach to chronic disease epidemiology uses a multidisciplinary framework to understand the importance of time and timing in associations between exposures and outcomes at theExpand
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Measuring socioeconomic position in health research.
OBJECTIVE In this article we review different measures of socioeconomic position (SEP) and their uses in health-related research. AREAS OF AGREEMENT Socioeconomic circumstances influence health. Expand
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Why do poor people behave poorly? Variation in adult health behaviours and psychosocial characteristics by stages of the socioeconomic lifecourse.
Attempts to explain socioeconomic inequalities in health have often made reference to the observation that poor health behaviours and psychosocial characteristics cluster in low socioeconomic statusExpand
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Global variability in fruit and vegetable consumption.
BACKGROUND Low fruit and vegetable consumption is an important risk factor for chronic diseases, but for many (mainly developing) countries, no prevalence data have ever been published. This studyExpand
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Cumulative impact of sustained economic hardship on physical, cognitive, psychological, and social functioning.
BACKGROUND Although the relation between low income and poor health is well established, most previous research has measured income at only one time. METHODS We used income information collected inExpand
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Indicators of socioeconomic position (part 2)
This is the second part of a glossary on indicators of socioeconomic position used in health research (the first part was published in the January issue of the journal).
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