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Dynamical properties of hybrid automata
Lyapunov's theorem on stability via linearization and LaSalle's invariance principle are generalized to hybrid automata and a class of hybrids whose solutions depend continuously on the initial state is characterized. Expand
On Submodularity and Controllability in Complex Dynamical Networks
This paper shows that several important classes of metrics based on the controllability and observability Gramians have a strong structural property that allows for either efficient global optimization or an approximation guarantee by using a simple greedy heuristic for their maximization. Expand
A game theoretic approach to controller design for hybrid systems
We present a method to design controllers for safety specifications in hybrid systems. The hybrid system combines discrete event dynamics with nonlinear continuous dynamics: the discrete eventExpand
Probabilistic reachability and safety for controlled discrete time stochastic hybrid systems
In this work, probabilistic reachability over a finite horizon is investigated for a class of discrete time stochastic hybrid systems with control inputs and it is revealed that it is amenable to two complementary interpretations, leading to dual algorithms for reachability computations. Expand
Controllers for reachability specifications for hybrid systems
This work presents a technique, based on the principles of optimal control, for determining the class of least restrictive controllers that satisfies the most important objective and shows how the proposed synthesis technique simplifies to well-known results from supervisory control and pursuit evasion games when restricted to purely discrete and purely continuous systems respectively. Expand
On the regularization of Zeno hybrid automata
Fundamental properties of hybrid automata, such as existence and uniqueness of executions, are studied. Particular attention is devoted to Zeno hybrid automata, which are hybrid automata that takeExpand
On the Road Between Robust Optimization and the Scenario Approach for Chance Constrained Optimization Problems
This work proposes a new method for solving chance constrained optimization problems that lies between robust optimization and scenario-based methods, and imposes certain assumptions on the dependency of the constraint functions with respect to the uncertainty. Expand
A Survey of Applications of Wireless Sensors and Wireless Sensor Networks
Different applications areas where the use of such sensor networks has been proposed are surveyed and new ways to cope with certain problems are highlighted. Expand
Impulse differential inclusions: a viability approach to hybrid systems
Conditions are derived that allow one to determine whether a set of states is viable or invariant under the action of an impulse differential inclusion and methods are developed for approximating their viability and invariance kernels. Expand