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Socio-economic disparities in pregnancy outcome: why do the poor fare so poorly?
Research that identifies and quantifies the causal pathways and mechanisms whereby social disadvantage leads to higher risks of IUGR and preterm birth may eventually help to reduce current disparities and improve pregnancy outcome across the entire socio-economic spectrum.
Stress pathways to spontaneous preterm birth: the role of stressors, psychological distress, and stress hormones.
Neither maternal plasma CRH, hair cortisol, nor placental histopathologic features of infection/inflammation, infarction, or maternal vasculopathy were significantly associated with pregnancy-related anxiety or any other stress or distress measure, suggesting the biologic pathways underlying stress-induced preterm birth remain poorly understood.
The differential effects of intrinsic and identified motivation on well-being and performance: prospective, experimental, and implicit approaches to self-determination theory.
The associations between intrinsic and identified motivations and outcomes of psychological well-being and academic performance are compared in educational settings and results indicate the need to address important distinctions between intrinsically and identified regulations.
Effects of oxytocin on recollections of maternal care and closeness
It is found that the effects of oxytocin were moderated by the attachment representations people possess, with less anxiously attached individuals remembering their mother as more caring and close after oxytoc in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover designed study.
Bias and Accuracy in Close Relationships: An Integrative Review
  • F. Gagné, J. Lydon
  • Psychology
    Personality and social psychology review : an…
  • 1 November 2004
This work addresses the issue of how intimates regulate their esteem needs about their relationships and still function effectively, without risking later regret and disappointment, by first reviewing work showing that because bias and accuracy are independent, they can co-exist.
Global and specific relational models in the experience of social interactions.
  • T. Pierce, J. Lydon
  • Psychology, Business
    Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1 April 2001
This research highlighted that relational or attachment models can be considered global and specific representational structures, reflecting relational and individual differences.
Socio-economic disparities in preterm birth: causal pathways and mechanisms.
Improved understanding of the factors and processes that mediate social disparities in preterm birth should help not only in developing strategies to reduce the disparities but also in suggesting preventive interventions applicable across the entire socio-economic spectrum.
Mind-set and close relationships: when bias leads to (In)accurate predictions.
Overall, mind-set interacted with forecasts to predict relationship survival, and forecasts were more accurate in a deliberative mind-sets than in an implemental mind- set.
Close Relationships and the Working Self-Concept: Implicit and Explicit Effects of Priming Attachment on Agency and Communion
Gender interacted with the attachment prime, such that men primed with a secure relationship reported higher agency than did men primedWith an avoidant (dis-missive or fearful) relationship, whereas women primed with an anxious (preoccupied or fearful).
Vasculopathic and thrombophilic risk factors for spontaneous preterm birth.
High (above the median) plasma homocysteine and HDL cholesterol were significantly and independently associated with the risk of spontaneous pre term birth and similar vasculopathic risk factors may underlie preterm birth and adult coronary heart disease and stroke.