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Parasite biodiversity and its determinants in coastal marine teleost fishes of Brazil.
Recent studies of the forces behind the diversification of parasite assemblages have shed light on many aspects of parasite biodiversity. By using only parasite species richness as their measure ofExpand
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Linking ecology with parasite diversity in Neotropical fishes
Neotropical fish species. Two measurements of parasite diversity are used: the species richness and the taxonomic distinctness of a fish’s parasite assemblage, including all metazoan parasites,Expand
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Checklist of Copepoda associated with fishes from Brazil
One hundred and seventy-six determined species and 39 undetermined species of copepods associated with 179 marine and freshwater fish species from Brazil are listed, including information about theExpand
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Checklist of helminth parasites in wild carnivore mammals from Brazil
Ninety-five helminth parasite species totaling 480 records (including 60 new host and geographical records) in 21 species of wild carnivore mammals from Brazil were listed. Nineteen undeterminedExpand
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Use of fish as intermediate hosts by helminth parasites: A comparative analysis
Parasite assemblages of marine fishes include an important number of larval stages of helminth parasite species that use fish as intermediate or as paratenic hosts. In previous comparative studies,Expand
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Acanthocephala, Annelida, Arthropoda, Myxozoa, Nematoda and Platyhelminthes parasites of fishes from the Guandu river, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Using information from all published reports and data collected during several parasitological surveys between April 2003 and September 2009, a checklist of the parasites of fishes from Guandu River,Expand
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Metazoan parasite species richness in Neotropical fishes: hotspots and the geography of biodiversity.
Although research on parasite biodiversity has intensified recently, there are signs that parasites remain an underestimated component of total biodiversity in many regions of the planet. To identifyExpand
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Identifying hotspots of parasite diversity from species-area relationships: host phylogeny versus host ecology
Interspecific variation in parasite species richness among host species has generated much empirical research. As in comparisons among geographical areas, controlling for variation in host body sizeExpand
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Community ecology of the metazoan parasites of Banded Croaker, Paralonchurus brasiliensis (Osteichthyes: Sciaenidae), from the coastal zone of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ninety-three specimens of banded croaker, Paralonchurus brasiliensis (Steindachner, 1875), collected from Pedra de Guaratiba (23°01'S, 43°38'W), coastal zone, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, betweenExpand
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Metazoários parasitos de seis espécies de peixes do Reservatório de Lajes, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
From April 2002 to July 2003, 231 freshwater fishes from Lajes Reservoir in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (22o42' - 22o50'S, 43o53' - 44o05'W) were necropsied to study their community metazoanExpand
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