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Predicting students' final performance from participation in on-line discussion forums
On-line discussion forums constitute communities of people learning from each other, which not only inform the students about their peers' doubts and problems but can also inform instructors aboutExpand
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Association rule mining using genetic programming to provide feedback to instructors from multiple-choice quiz data
This paper proposes the application of association rule mining to improve quizzes and courses. First, the paper shows how to preprocess quiz data and how to create several data matrices for use inExpand
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Classification via Clustering for Predicting Final Marks Based on Student Participation in Forums.
This paper proposes a classification via clustering approach to predict the final marks in a university course on the basis of forum data. The objective is twofold: to determine if studentExpand
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Grammar-based multi-objective algorithms for mining association rules
Abstract In association rule mining, the process of extracting relations from a dataset often requires the application of more than one quality measure and, in many cases, such measures involveExpand
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MDM tool: A data mining framework integrated into Moodle
The interest in developing Learning Analytics tools that can be integrated into the well‐known Moodle course management systems is increasing nowadays. These tools generally provide some type ofExpand
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Meta-learning Approach for Automatic Parameter Tuning: A case of study with educational datasets
This paper proposes to the use of a meta-learning approach for automatic parameter tuning of a well-known decision tree algorithm by using past information about algorithm executions. FourteenExpand
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Mining Rare Association Rules from e-Learning Data
Rare association rules are those that only appear infrequently even though they are highly associated with very specific data. In consequence, these rules can be very appropriate for using withExpand
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High performance evaluation of evolutionary-mined association rules on GPUs
Association rule mining is a well-known data mining task, but it requires much computational time and memory when mining large scale data sets of high dimensionality. This is mainly due to theExpand
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Association rule mining using a multi-objective grammar-based ant programming algorithm
This paper presents a method for extracting association rules by means of a multi-objective grammar guided ant programming algorithm. Solution construction is guided by a context-free grammarExpand
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Speeding-Up Association Rule Mining With Inverted Index Compression
The growing interest in data storage has made the data size to be exponentially increased, hampering the process of knowledge discovery from these large volumes of high-dimensional and heterogeneousExpand
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