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Cholinesterase (ChE) response and related mortality among birds fed ChE inhibitors
Patterns of mortality and inhibition of brain and plasma ChE in birds treated with ChE inhibitors were studied in an attempt to determine the validity of using ChE activity as a monitoring andExpand
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Studies on combined effects of organophosphates and heavy metals in birds. I. Plasma and brain cholinesterase in coturnix quail fed methyl mercury and orally dosed with parathion
  • M. Dieter, J. Ludke
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Bulletin of environmental contamination and…
  • 1 March 1975
SummaryWe found that mercury potentiated the toxicity and biochemical effects of parathion. Male Coturnix quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) were fed a sublethal concentration of morsodren (4 ppm asExpand
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Organochlorine residues in fish: National Pesticide Monitoring Program, 1970-74.
As part of the National Pesticide Monitoring Program, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service analyzed organochlorine contaminant residues in fish samples collected from about 100 stations each year fromExpand
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Some Endrin Relationships in Resistant and Susceptible Populations of Golden Shiners, Notemigonus Crysoleucas
Abstract A 1000 ppb endrin solution killed 50 susceptible golden shiners in 75 min but only 40 of 50 resistant shiners in 40 hr. Endrin residues in whole bodies of resistant shiners killed in endrinExpand
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Mixed function oxidase activity in freshwater fishes: aldrin epoxidation and parathion activation.
Abstract Experiments are described which demonstrate that freshwater fishes possess mixed function oxidase (MFO) enzymes which catalyze the epoxidation of aldrin and the activation of parathion inExpand
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Studies on combined effects of organophosphates or carbamates and morsodren in birds. II. Plasma and cholinesterase in quail fed morsodren and orally dosed with parathion or carbofuran
  • M. Dieter, J. Ludke
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Bulletin of environmental contamination and…
  • 1 April 1978
SummaryThe degree of interaction between mercury and cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides was determined by comparing enzyme responses to sublethal dosages of parathion or carbofuran in quail fedExpand
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Effect of sesamex on brain acetylcholinesterase inhibition by parathion in fishes
ConclusionsOur experiments indicate that the degree of brain AChE inhibition resulting from exposure to parathion is decreased by pretreatment with sesamex. Presumably the decrease is mediated — asExpand
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Dynamics of Endrin Uptake and Release by Resistant and Susceptible Strains of Mosquitofish
Abstract Results of bioassays and gas chromatographic analyses show that mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis, from near heavily-treated cotton fields near Belzoni, Mississippi (36-hr TLm = 1,000 ppb) andExpand
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