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Monte Carlo modeling of secondary electron imaging in three dimensions
Measurements of critical dimensions (CDs), roughness, and other dimensional aspects of semiconductor electronics products rely upon secondary electron (SE) images in the scanning electron microscopeExpand
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Monte Carlo simulation of scanning electron microscope signals for lithographic metrology
Two computer codes for simulating the backscattered, transmitted, and secondary-electron signals from targets in a scanning electron microscope are described. The first code, MONSEL-II, has a modelExpand
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Intrinsic carrier concentration of narrow‐gap mercury cadmium telluride based on the nonlinear temperature dependence of the band gap
The intrinsic carrier concentrations of narrow‐gap Hg1−xCdxTe alloys have been calculated as a function of temperature between 0 and 300 K for x values between 0.17 and 0.30. The new and moreExpand
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A model for the charge-pumping current based on small rectangular voltage pulses
Abstract The charge-pumping current results from recombination associated with the SiO2Si interface traps under the gate of a MOSFET when a voltage pulse is applied to the gate. A model is proposedExpand
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User's manual for the program MONSEL-1
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Scanning electron microscope analog of scatterometry
Optical scatterometry has attracted a great deal of interest for linewidth measurement due to its high repeatability and capability of measuring sidewall shape. We have developed an analogous andExpand
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Edge determination for polycrystalline silicon lines on gate oxide
In a scanning electron microscope (SEM) top-down secondary electron image, areas within a few tens of nanometers of the line edges are characteristically brighter than the rest of the image. InExpand
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Scanning capacitance microscopy measurements and modeling: Progress towards dopant profiling of silicon
A scanning capacitance microscope (SCM) has been implemented by interfacing a commercial contact‐mode atomic force microscope with a high‐sensitivity capacitance sensor. The SCM has promise as aExpand
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