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The Ulster Question since 1945
Series Editors' Preface.- Preface to the Second Edition.- Acknowledgements.- List of Abbreviations.- Map of Northern Ireland.- Introduction.- Ulster: A Reconstituted Question.- British Intervention.-Expand
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Northern Ireland and British fascism in the inter-war years
An analysis of the activities of British Fascist organisations operating in Northern Ireland in the 1920s and 1930s.
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The performance and behavior of land drainage systems and their impact on field scale hydrology in an increasingly volatile climate
Abstract Escalations in rainfall intensity, both in terms of volume and frequency are increasing the volatility associated with grassland agriculture on poorly drained soils. The principal mechanismExpand
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Mobilising the Sacred Dead: Ulster Unionism, the Great War and the Politics of Remembrance
An analysis of how Ulster Unionists used their experiences during the Great War to defend their constitutional interests both in the immediate postwar period and since then through commemoration.
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Some Comparative Aspects of Irish and English Nationalism in the Late Nineteenth Century
An assessment of common features of Irish nationalist and English nationalist opinion and agitation during the Gladstonian Home Rule period.
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