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Non-chondritic distribution of the highly siderophile elements in mantle sulphides
The abundances of highly siderophile (iron-loving) elements (HSEs) in the Earth's mantle provide important constraints on models of the Earth's early evolution. It has long been assumed that theExpand
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Non-chondritic platinum-group element ratios in the Earth's mantle
Nature 379, 712-715 (1996) THE date of submission of this Letter for publication was given incorrectly as 16 March 1994; this date should have been 25 September 1995.
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Non-chondritic platinum-group element ratios in the Earth's mantle
THE Earth's upper mantle has an overabundance of highly siderophile elements (platinum-group elements, gold and rhenium), relative to what would be expected from equilibrium with the metallicExpand
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Highly siderophile element geochemistry of the Earth''s mantle: New data for the Lanzo (Italy) and R
Nine plagioclase/spinel lherzolites from the Lanzo (Italy) and Ronda (Spain) peridotite bodies were analysed for Re, Os, Ir, Ru, Rh, Pd, and Au using a high-precision instrumental neutron activationExpand
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Cu-Ni-PGE Magmatic Sulfide Ores and their Host Layered Gabbros in the Haymiliyah Fossil Magma Chamber (Haylayn Block, Semail Ophiolite Nappe, Oman)
A disseminated sulfide-rich zone has been discovered in the gabbroic magma chamber of the Wadi Haymiliyah (Haylyn Block), located in the upper part of the main coarse-grained layered gabbro unit,Expand
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Transfer of Os isotopic signatures from peridotite to chromitite in the subcontinental mantle: Insights from in situ analysis of platinum-group and base-metal minerals (Ojén peridotite massif,
Abstract Small ( 187 Os/ 188 Os heterogeneity of the peridotite source. The distribution of Os model ages calculated for chromitite-hosted PGM–BMM mainly clusters at ~ 0.3 Ga; minor peaks extend backExpand
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The Haymiliyah Sulphide Ores (Haylayn Massif, Oman Ophiolite): In-situ Segregation of PGE-poor Magmatic Sulphides in a Fossil Oceanic Magma Chamber
The Semail ophiolite in Oman is one of the few ophiolitic complexes that may display locally magmatic sulphide ores in layer 3 of the crustal section. The ores found in the wadi Haymiliyah plutonicExpand
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