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Metabolites from the marine-derived fungus Chromocleista sp. isolated from a deep-water sediment sample collected in the Gulf of Mexico.
As part of our ongoing chemical investigation of biologically active metabolites from marine fungi, three new compounds, p-hydroxyphenopyrrozin (1) and diketopiperazines (3, 4), have been isolatedExpand
Cooperation and competition shape ecological resistance during periodic spatial disturbance of engineered bacteria
Cooperation is fundamental to the survival of many bacterial species. Previous studies have shown that spatial structure can both promote and suppress cooperation. Most environments where bacteriaExpand
Partial Synthesis of (–)-11,12-Dinordriman-8-one and the (–)-Enantiomer of Polywood†
A chiral sequiterpene diol 6, readily available from the natural product polygodial (4), has been used for the first partial synthesis of the title compounds.
Synthesis of natural uvidin C
A short synthesis of (−)-Warburganal, from (+)-confertifoline through the α-epoxide is described.