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Unhappy Valley: Conflict in Kenya & Africa
Part IV - unhappy valley: bureaucracy and incumbent violence - colonial administration and the origins of the "Mau Mau" emergence the moral economy of the Mau Mau - the problem the moral economy of
States and Social Processes in Africa: A Historiographical Survey
This survey can only be one historian's view of a large and controversial matter. African states are contested objects of study on two grounds, the one particular to the changing preoccupations of
Coping with the Contradictions: The Development of the Colonial State in Kenya, 1895–1914
By drawing on the current Marxist debate about the nature of the capitalist state, this article argues that the colonial state was obliged to be more interventionist than the mature capitalist state
Soil, Work, Civilisation, and Citizenship in Kenya
Abstract What does Kenya's crisis say to academic discussion about globalisation and the rise of local claims to ‘belong’, as autochthonous ‘sons of the soil’? The Kenya case supports the view that
Moral and political argument in Kenya
The way the political arena was framed after the Second World War through the growth of nationalist feelings, the Mau Mau insurrection, and independence could be analyzed using the concepts of
KAU's cultures: Imaginations of community and constructions of leadership in Kenya after the Second World War
The Kenya African Union or KAU, founded in 1944, banned in 1953, has commonly been seen as a fiasco. Failing to persuade the British to unseat Kenya's white settlers, it was unable to mobilize much