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Myxozoan genera: definition and notes on taxonomy, life-cycle terminology and pathogenic species.
A list of myxozoan genera is presented in the current taxonomical scheme. These genera are defined; their type species and most important pathogens along with their hosts are listed. Simultaneously,Expand
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Protozoan parasites of fishes
Preface. 1. Introduction to the study of protozoan parasites of fishes. Subkingdom Protozoa. Explanation of basic parasitological terms and concepts with regard to protozoan parasites of fishes.Expand
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Protozoan Parasites of Fishes
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A Contribution to the Systematics and Morphology of Endoparasitic Trichodinids from Amphibians, with a Proposal of Uniform Specific Characteristics
SYNOPSIS. Trichodina urinicola was found in newts, Triturus cristatus and T. taeniatus, in three localities in Czechoslovakia. The ciliate populations showed important differences on the basis ofExpand
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A guideline for the preparation of species descriptions in Myxosporea
. Guidelines for the preparation of a species description of myxosporean species are proposed. The establishment of a new myxosporean species has to be based on the morphology of both spores andExpand
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Fish microsporidia: fine structural diversity and phylogeny.
  • J. Lom, F. Nilsen
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal for parasitology
  • 1 February 2003
Structural diversity of fish microsporidian life cycle stages and of the host-parasite interface is reviewed. In the infected cell of the fish host, microsporidia may either cause serious degradationExpand
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A newly revised classification of the protozoa.
The subkingdom Protozoa now inclues over 65,000 named species, of which over half are fossil and approximately 10,000 are parasitic. Among living species, this includes approximately 250 parasiticExpand
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A catalogue of described genera and species of microsporidians parasitic in fish
  • J. Lom
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Systematic Parasitology
  • 1 October 2002
A complete list of microsporidians parasitic in fish is presented; in each species, the host(s), site of infection and the known geographical distribution is given. Species of a total of 14 generaExpand
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The microsporidia of vertebrates
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