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Modern Homing Missile Guidance Theory and Techniques
Classically derived homing guidance laws, such as proportional navigation, can be highly effective when the homing missile has significantly more maneuver capability than the threat. As threatsExpand
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An experimental comparison between several active composite actuators for power generation
The use of piezoelectric materials for power harvesting has attracted significant interest over the past few years. The majority of research on this subject has sought to quantify the amount ofExpand
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Anisotropic Laminar Piezocomposite Actuator Incorporating Machined PMN–PT Single-crystal Fibers
The design, fabrication, and testing of a flexible, laminar, anisotropic piezoelectric composite actuator utilizing machined PMN–32%PT single-crystal fibers is presented. The device consists of aExpand
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Equipment Operator Training in the Age of Internet2
Considering the established needs for operator training in the construction industry and vastly improved data communication using Internet2, the feasibility of an effective Internet based trainingExpand
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Electrical Properties of Macro-Fiber Composite Actuators and Sensors
Piezoceramic fiber composite (PFC) actuators and sensors offer many advantages over conventional monolithic piezoceramic devices. Conformable, durable and, when equipped with interdigitatedExpand
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Basic Principles of Homing Guidance
This article provides a conceptual foundation with respect to homing guidance upon which the next several articles are anchored. To this end, a basic geometric and notational framework is firstExpand
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Anisotropic Piezocomposite Actuator Incorporating Machined PMN-PT Single Crystal Fibers
The design, fabrication, and testing of a flexible, planar, anisotropic piezoelectric composite actuator utilizing machined PMN-32%PT single crystal fibers is presented. The device consists of aExpand
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Synovial fluid glycosaminoglycan (acid mucopolysaccharide) analysis in assessment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. A pilot study.
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) synovial fluid was aspirated from normal control subjects and patients undergoing surgery for TMJ dysfunction. The glycosaminoglycan (GAG) composition of this fluid wasExpand
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The "Languid Child" and the Eighteenth-Century Man-Midwife
  • J. Lloyd
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  • Bulletin of the history of medicine
  • 1 December 2001
This article addresses the methods used to preserve the life of a sickly neonate-that is, a child described as "languid" in the immediate period after birth. By looking at the work of someExpand
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