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On the temperature dependence of soil respiration
From previously published measurements of soil respiration rate (R) and temperature (T) the goodness of fit of various R vs T relationships was evaluated. Exponential (Q 10 ) and conventionalExpand
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TRY – a global database of plant traits
Plant traits – the morphological, anatomical, physiological, biochemical and phenological characteristics of plants and their organs – determine how primary producers respond to environmentalExpand
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Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Effects in the Exchange of Carbon Dioxide between Terrestrial Plants and the Atmosphere
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the effects of carbon and oxygen isotope effects in the exchange of carbon dioxide between terrestrial plants and atmosphere. Plants differ from theExpand
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Variation in wood density determines spatial patterns in Amazonian forest biomass
Uncertainty in biomass estimates is one of the greatest limitations to models of carbon flux in tropical forests. Previous comparisons of field-based estimates of the aboveground biomass (AGB) ofExpand
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Increasing carbon storage in intact African tropical forests
The response of terrestrial vegetation to a globally changing environment is central to predictions of future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The role of tropical forests is critical becauseExpand
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Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest
Amazon forests are a key but poorly understood component of the global carbon cycle. If, as anticipated, they dry this century, they might accelerate climate change through carbon losses and changedExpand
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Vegetation effects on the isotope composition of oxygen in atmospheric CO2
THE 18O/16O ratio in atmospheric CO2 is a signal dominated by CO2 exchange with the terrestrial biosphere and it has considerable potential to resolve the current importance of the oceans andExpand
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Relationships among Maximum Stomatal Conductance, Ecosystem Surface Conductance, Carbon Assimilation Rate, and Plant Nitrogen Nutrition: A Global Ecology Scaling Exercise
This review provides a theoretical framework and global maps for relations between nitrogen-(N)-nutrition and stomatal conductance, gs' at the leaf scale and flUXe!1 of water vapor and carbon dioxideExpand
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On the relationship between leaf anatomy and CO2 diffusion through the mesophyll of hypostomatous leaves
Internal conductances to CO2 transfer from the stomatal cavity to sites of carboxylation (gi) in hypostomatous sun-and shade-grown leaves of citrus, peach and Macadamia trees (Lloyd et al. 1992) wereExpand
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Low conductances for CO2 diffusion from stomata to the sites of carboxylation in leaves of woody species
Concurrent measurements of leaf gas exchange and on-line 13C discrimination were used to evaluate the CO2 conductance to diffusion from the stomatal cavity to the sites of carboxylation within theExpand
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