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Sentenced to Everyday Life: Feminism and the Housewife
1 'Only a Housewife' * Defining the Housewife: Contemporary Feminism * Defining the Housewife: Early Second Wave Feminism * Reviewing the 1950s * Feminism and the Subject of Modernity * 'Good-EnoughExpand
The listening cure
This article explores how the recent problematization of listening can be understood as a form of therapy beyond politics, and outlines some strategies for counteracting this tendency. Departing fromExpand
Dream Stuff: The Postwar Home and the Australian Housewife, 1940–60
During the postwar period the modern family home assumed a special place in the Australian imaginary. Women achieved a greater public presence in this context, reflected in calls to AustralianExpand
‘People just don’t care’: practices of text messaging in the presence of others
The demands of flexible labour and the technologization of social networks are currently being felt in profound shifts in the ways in which we spend time with others. This article analyses theExpand
Listening, pathbuilding and continuations: A research agenda for the analysis of listening
This introductory paper posits ‘listening’ as a rubric for reframing contemporary media theory and practice. We propose moving beyond questions of voice, speaking and representation to focus onExpand
Domestic destinies: colonial spatialities, Australian film and feminist cultural memory work
Elsa and Charles Chauvel's 1955 film Jedda was the first Australian feature film to cast Aboriginal actors in lead roles. The film was also unusual in the context of Australian film of the time forExpand
Airport Technology, Travel, and Consumption
This essay speculates on the changing forms through which “traveler’s space” is materially constituted within the fabric of everyday life. The author first provides a history of traveler’s space as aExpand
Trouble Comes to Me
This essay explores the role of media production within a framework of urban citizenship. Urban citizenship is defined in terms of strategies rather than location: not as a “bundle of rights, but asExpand
Home alone : selling new domestic spaces
  • J. Lloyd
  • Business, Geography
  • 31 March 2008
About the book: This collection offers a global perspective on the changing character of cities and the increasing importance that consumer culture plays in defining their symbolic economies.Expand