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Network Traffic Classifier With Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Internet of Things
A network traffic classifier (NTC) is an important part of current network monitoring systems, being its task to infer the network service that is currently used by a communication flow . Expand
Context-aware vehicular cyber-physical systems with cloud support: architecture, challenges, and solutions
In this article, we first propose a multi-layered context-aware architecture and introduce two crucial service components, vehicular social networks andcontext-aware vehicular security. Expand
A Survey on Electric Power Demand Forecasting: Future Trends in Smart Grids, Microgrids and Smart Buildings
This review discusses the most relevant studies on electric demand prediction over the last 40 years, and presents the different models used as well as the future trends. Expand
Multimedia group and inter-stream synchronization techniques: A comparative study
This paper presents the most comprehensive analysis and comparison of the most-known multimedia group and inter-stream synchronization approaches. Expand
An Integrated IoT Architecture for Smart Metering
We propose an integrated Internet of Things architecture for smart meter networks to be deployed in smart cities. Expand
Group-based underwater wireless sensor network for marine fish farms
The amount of uneaten feed and fecal waste generated by the fish in marine fish farms causes the damage of the fauna and flora, and it also reduces the economic benefits because the wastage. Expand
A multi-agent system architecture for smart grid management and forecasting of energy demand in virtual power plants
We propose a multi-agent system model for virtual power plants, a new power plant concept in which generation no longer occurs in big installations, but is the result of the cooperation of smaller and more intelligent elements. Expand
Mobile Sensing Systems
A Mobile Sensing System (MSS) requires a user level Application (App) running on the phone for reading an internal phone’s sensor, or external sensors in the WSN. Expand
Artificial neural networks for short-term load forecasting in microgrids environment
The adaptation of energy production to demand has been traditionally very important for utilities in order to optimize resource consumption. This is especially true also in microgrids where manyExpand
Conditional Variational Autoencoder for Prediction and Feature Recovery Applied to Intrusion Detection in IoT
The purpose of a Network Intrusion Detection System is to detect intrusive, malicious activities or policy violations in a host or host's network. Expand