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Priorities and Interactions of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Focus on Wetlands
Wetlands are often vital physical and social components of a country’s natural capital, as well as providers of ecosystem services to local and national communities. We performed a network analysisExpand
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Data for wetlandscapes and their changes around the world
Abstract. Geography and associated hydrological, hydroclimate and land-use conditions and their changes determine the states and dynamics of wetlands and their ecosystem services. The influences ofExpand
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Wetlandscape Change Information Database (WetCID)
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Improving Productivity in Integrated Fish-Vegetable Farming Systems with Recycled Fish Pond Sediments
The increasing intensification of aquaculture systems requires the development of strategies to reduce their environmental impacts such as pollution caused by the discharge of nutrient rich sedimentsExpand
Hydro-climatic controls explain variations in catchment-scale nitrogen use efficiency
The efficiency of fertilizer conversion to harvestable products is often low in annual crops such that large amounts of nutrients are lost from the fields with negative consequences for theExpand
Hydro-climatic changes of wetlandscapes across the world
Assessments of ecosystem service and function losses of wetlandscapes (i.e., wetlands and their hydrological catchments) suffer from knowledge gaps regarding impacts of ongoing hydro-climatic change.Expand
Do alternative irrigation strategies for rice cultivation decrease water footprints at the cost of long-term soil health?
The availability of water is a growing concern for flooded rice production. As such, several water-saving irrigation (WSI) practices have been developed to reduce water requirements. AlternateExpand
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Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Contents along a Gradient of Agricultural Intensity in the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania
The preservation of soils which provide many important services to society is a pressing global issue. This is particularly the case in countries like Tanzania, which will experience rapid populationExpand