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Anaerolineaceae and Methanosaeta turned to be the dominant microorganisms in alkanes-dependent methanogenic culture after long-term of incubation
The methanogenic alkanes-degrading enrichment culture which had been incubated for over 1,300 days amended with n-alkanes (C15–C20) was investigated through clone libraries of bacteria, archaea andExpand
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Long-term baicalin administration ameliorates metabolic disorders and hepatic steatosis in rats given a high-fat diet
AbstractAim:Baicalin, one of the major flavonoids in Scutellaria baicalensis, possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, the effects of baicalin on metabolic disorders andExpand
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Analysis of alkane-dependent methanogenic community derived from production water of a high-temperature petroleum reservoir
Microbial assemblage in an n-alkanes-dependent thermophilic methanogenic enrichment cultures derived from production waters of a high-temperature petroleum reservoir was investigated in this study.Expand
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Reduction of lipid accumulation in HepG2 Cells by luteolin is associated with activation of AMPK and Mitigation of oxidative stress
The present study was carried out to investigate the lipid‐lowering effect of luteolin by using a cell model of steatosis induced by palmitate. Incubation of HepG2 cells with palmitate markedlyExpand
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A multi-center survey of HPV knowledge and attitudes toward HPV vaccination among women, government officials, and medical personnel in China.
OBJECTIVES To assess knowledge of HPV and attitudes towards HPV vaccination among the general female population, government officials, and healthcare providers in China to assist the development ofExpand
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Air quality in passenger cars of the ground railway transit system in Beijing, China.
This study examined the concentrations of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, TVOC, TSP, PM(10), PM(2.5), PM(1), benzene, toluene and xylene in passenger cars of the Beijing Ground Railway TransitExpand
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Human papillomavirus type-distribution in cervical cancer in China: the importance of HPV 16 and 18
Prophylactic vaccination against HPV 16 and 18 has the potential for effective prevention of high-grade precancer (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia [CIN)] 2/3) and ICC caused by these virusesExpand
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Responses of Microbial Community Composition to Temperature Gradient and Carbon Steel Corrosion in Production Water of Petroleum Reservoir
Oil reservoir production systems are usually associated with a temperature gradient and oil production facilities frequently suffer from pipeline corrosion failures. Both bacteria and archaeaExpand
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Direct observation of the Dirac nodes lifting in semimetallic perovskite SrIrO3 thin films
Perovskite SrIrO3 has long been proposed as an exotic semimetal induced by the interplay between the spin-orbit coupling and electron correlations. However, its low-lying electronic structure isExpand
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High Frequency of Thermodesulfovibrio spp. and Anaerolineaceae in Association with Methanoculleus spp. in a Long-Term Incubation of n-Alkanes-Degrading Methanogenic Enrichment Culture
In the present study, the microbial community and functional gene composition of a long-term active alkane-degrading methanogenic culture was established after two successive enrichment cultureExpand
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