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Polymer-drug compatibility: a guide to the development of delivery systems for the anticancer agent, ellipticine.
To establish a method for predicting polymer-drug compatibility as a means to guide formulation development, we carried out physicochemical analyses of polymer-drug pairs and compared the differenceExpand
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In vivo fate of unimers and micelles of a poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(caprolactone) copolymer in mice following intravenous administration.
Methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(caprolactone) (MePEG-b-PCL) copolymers with varying PEG block lengths and a constant PCL block length were synthesized by cationic ring-opening polymerization andExpand
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Influence of serum protein on polycarbonate-based copolymer micelles as a delivery system for a hydrophobic anti-cancer agent.
  • J. Liu, F. Zeng, C. Allen
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of controlled release : official journal…
  • 21 March 2005
A new micelle system formed from methoxy (polyethylene glycol)-b-poly (5-benzyloxy-trimethylene carbonate; MePEG-b-PBTMC 5000-b-4800) was investigated as a delivery system for the hydrophobicExpand
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In Vivo Performance of a Liposomal Vascular Contrast Agent for CT and MR-Based Image Guidance Applications
PurposeThis study evaluated the in vivo performance of a liposome formulation that co-encapsulates iohexol and gadoteridol as a multimodal contrast agent for computed tomography (CT) and magneticExpand
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Nano-sized assemblies of a PEG-docetaxel conjugate as a formulation strategy for docetaxel.
An amphiphilic polymer-drug conjugate was prepared by attachment of low molecular weight methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) (i.e., 2 kDa) to docetaxel (DTX) through an ester linkage. The PEG-DTXExpand
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Liposome formulation of a novel hydrophobic aryl-imidazole compound for anti-cancer therapy
Purpose: A cholesterol-free liposome formulation formed from mixtures of egg phosphatidylcholine (ePC) and poly (ethylene glycol) conjugated distearoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DSPE-PEG 2000) wasExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(5-benzyloxy-trimethylene carbonate) copolymers for drug delivery.
Amphiphilic diblock copolymers with various block compositions were synthesized with monomethoxy-terminated poly(ethylene glycol) (MePEG) as the hydrophilic block and poly(5-benzyloxy-trimethyleneExpand
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Regional and Hemispheric Influences on Temporal Variability in Baseline Carbon Monoxide and Ozone over the Northeast US.
Interannual variability in baseline carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3), defined as mixing ratios under minimal influence of recent and local emissions, was studied for seven rural sites in theExpand
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